Juliana Irene Smith – Miso Soup and Tears (2022)


Miso Soup and Tears

Mixed media on textile


131 x 185cm

Editio: 1


Miso Soup and Tears is part of Rainbow Catharsis (2020 –ongoing) a series of textile collages that incorporate used household fabrics and personal photographs to evoke a material, textual, and visual memory as a means towards reclamation. The works are direct and unafraid of confrontation. There is no messing about except in the paint strokes.

The aesthetic qualities of colour, imperfection, flaws, and a sense of urgency reflect the artist’s desperation to expel, in her words, the “bad things” from her body and recover from the past.

Miso Soup and Tears was exhibited at Hippolyte in Helsinki in August 2023 and at the Others Art Fair in Turin in October 2023.

Lisätietoja: Please consult the artist about how to hang and frame. She is happy to help.


Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle
Mitat 131 × 185 cm (senttimetri)